Good Practices & Seal of Approval Awards

Can a hotel and event center offer high levels of both hospitality and environmental good practices? Yes! Our Hotel Bildungszentrum 21 was one of the first companies world-wide to receive both of the new ISO certificates shown below. This was only possible because we have always placed emphasis not only on high quality services and facilities but also on environmental good practices.

What does this mean for our guests? They can be sure that we have their best interests at heart, and that this will be apparent during their stay. Our employees are dedicated, knowledgeable and highly competent and thus able to provide great service. However, we strongly encourage guest feedback. We take all suggestions seriously, and whenever possible we put them into practice. In the area of food hygiene we follow the widely recognized HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) concept. Accordingly, we have both internal and external control systems, but that is not enough in our view. In addition, we have an intensive learning culture focused on identifying problems and shortcomings. Based on them, we create and use learning lists in order to initiate improvements.

In addition, we have organized both a Quality Circle and an Environmental Study Group. They meet regularly, identify issues and suggest improvements.
The robust structures and practices described above certainly contributed to our obtaining the public certificates and seals of approval listed below. However the recognitions received are only indicators not goals. Basically, it is our traditional commitment to high performance that has made it possible. However, some of the new formal structures needed for certification do help us better recognize our potential and use it for the benefit of our guests.

Our most important awards:

• Certificate ISO-9001/2015: Quality Managment Systems
• Certificate ISO-14001/2015: Environmental Management Systems
• "The Bud": Bio Suisse Certificate (achieving organic standards) for our Bio-Park
• QIII: Highest Quality Label, Swiss Tourism Board
• Meetings with Inspiration Guarantee: Swiss Tourism Board
• Top 100 friendliest hotels in Switzerland, 2013: Swiss Tourism Board

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