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From the outside, our building looks like a large 19th century English manor house, but unlike some of those creations, ours contains no secret passages or chambers. However, we do have some "secrets" to share with you.

For the Body

If you want to get some exercise indoors or do some training, we invite you to use our brand new gym—but you will have to furnish your own motivation!

For Socialization

Our two lounges offer a thoughtful combination of traditional decor and modern amenities. We think you will find this makes them fine places for friendly socialising.

For the Soul

So that you can also care for your soul, we have a Quiet Room. It is a restful, peaceful place available to hotel guests, visitors and also our own staff.

For History

In 1859, the leaders of Basel decided to tear down the city's medieval walls and gates, signalling Basel was on its way to becoming a modern city. However the architect Johan Jakob Stehlin the Younger had begun planning our building the year before, and the city's decision made one thing clear to him: the high-quality stones from the city walls would make an excellent building foundation. In our Spalenkeller we have made the old stones shine, so you can enjoy meetings or banquets in a space with an interesting history.

For the Future

Do you think that passive solar building design is something completely new? Then you should take a careful look around in our Restaurant Rosengarten. It was built in 1987 as one of the very first passive solar structures in Switzerland. It still attracts people interested in architecture.

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