Special Kinds of Breaks During Your Meetings & Events

If you want your meeting participants or guests to get to know each other, there is nothing better than a short group activity which gets them up and moving. Also, stimulating tours and diverting recreation can clear people's minds, put them in a good mood and may even foster new ideas! We can recommend three partner organizations that offer short, attractive social programs.  

Mission 21, founded in 1815, offers unique tours of their historical archives which enjoy a fine worldwide reputation. Also a tour through the Mission House and garden includes an account of the Basel Mission's history and the life of writer and artist Hermann Hesse. He lived there as a child while his parents were undertaking mission training.

• For those who would prefer more physical activities, we can recommend the fantastic offers from play4you Ltd. Your can try skill-learning games such as the Cup Song, juggling or various activities in their Game Park. Their company make it all really fun!

• Since 2004, Bitou Ltd. has provided organizations and companies with innovative indoor and outdoor activities. They can be structured to be just for fun, to involve rewards, or serve as team-building exercises. Originally serving Germany, their services are now also available in Switzerland. While the company has some standard offerings, they can also create special activities in accord with your wishes and ideas. They can manage groups of up to 1,000 participants.

• crossbow shooting for those who love competition and want to try something different. Come experience this little-known sport and its unusual equipment!

We and our partners look forward to helping you augment your meeting or event with special activities. They can make it an unforgettable occasion!

Whatever special activities you would like consider, we are here for you.