Empty stomachs don't work well

Successful meeting organizers have always known a secret (although they don't use it to worry their speakers): "The success of a meeting rises and falls with the quality of the food and drink." So that you can benefit from this secret too, we have thought up something special for you. For anyone who wants to delegate food and drink details to attentive and friendly full-time professionals, we have put together some attractive packages. To enhance the mood of your meetings, we offer a nice selection of light two-course business lunches and stand-up lunches--with choices for both those who like meat as part of their meal and those who are vegetarians. Our coffee breaks and buffets in our park have achieved cult status as ways to ensure good meetings. To get a detailed picture of our offerings click on the button "PDF SEMINARDOKU".

Seminar package:
Basic technical equipment:

  • A flip chart
  • A whiteboard
  • A presentation box
  • Mineral water
  • Light meal
  • Coffee breaks with juice, pastries, sandwiches and more
  • Meeting room


Additional technical equipment can be rented

Seminar package at a special rate from CHF 90.00 per person per day.